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Impress the Media and Sell Your Book

Most legacy media (newspapers, TV stations, networks, etc.) today exist as much or more online as they do in their original distribution channel. Therefore, they remain crucial to effective book marketing programs, and winning them over matters. You can likely quickly think of authors in your genre who are media darlings – but how did they get to be that way? The answer lies in building relationships and readily providing information that helps complete stories in the news. Budget cuts have left most media under-staffed, and when you assist with their stories, you'll receive mentions. 

One of the cardinal rules for becoming a media darling is to be available. News happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With daily deadlines, there isn't time to wait several hours for you to call or email. Answering your phone when it rings and watching your email (which some people do naturally) helps you get a leg up over other authors. It can slow things down if you are hierarchical and expect editors and producers to go through layers of assistants to reach you. They will do it for celebrities and luminaries but expect others to be more readily available. When you are, you'll win their favor.

Finding other ways to support editors and producers in their work also helps; if you're a non-fiction author, one way is to become a freelance contributor. When selecting people for those opportunities, they often lean toward people who are thought leaders, and it includes authors. Once you become an adjunct staff member, increasing your visibility is easier. It's common for a brief bio to run after your articles, and it can include a one-line mention of your book. As the audience becomes familiar with you, goodwill and interest develop naturally. As they do, you'll see your book beginning to sell more copies.

To work effectively with the media also means being wider-ranging in your comments about topics in the news. If you only discuss a narrow area, it reduces the opportunities. You'll receive more requests when you are open-minded and willing to comment appropriately on a broader range of issues. The value of raising your visibility is significant and can pay dividends for you and your business for years to come. Becoming a published author and building a consistent media presence can bring you thousands of dollars in free annual publicity. It's an excellent long-range career plan.


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