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The magic of Unlock! is the way it manages to conjure an escape room right there on your dining table, with nothing but rectangles of card and the occasional input on your phone or tablet using its companion app. Each set consists of a single deck, with numbers on the back and bright illustrations on the front.

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Haunted Hints is a traveling escape room with a spooky flair. We offer pop-up escape games with haunting themes that are fun, immersive, and creative. Our unique and theatrical games are created as anthology short stories that run for 15-minute blocks. Games are designed to be family-friendly and suited for people ages 8 and up. Dare to enter with your friends/team, solve the puzzles and escape the killer time.

PanIQ Room is one of the oldest and strongest brands in the escape room business and we are definitely the first company who's able to offer a legal franchise service with proper documentation and operating manual to its partners. Our venues are super viral on social media platforms, the customer satisfaction on Yelp, Trip Advisor and coupon sites is outstanding.

We offer two different types of escape room franchise opportunities in the United States.You can choose to own a single unit franchise which allows you to operate your own PanIQ Room in a protected territory of your choice.We also offer area development franchises for those looking to lock down a larger territory and slowly build a series of PanIQ Room locations/territories.

We are able to design the right size of unit for you, based upon the budget you have.You can open a compact unit with only 3 themes or you can even operate your own mega escape room venue with multiple themes and larger gaming areas.

Economic research proves that customers trust big brands and prefer companies with multiple locations over independent operators. From the entrepreneur's perspective, franchising can seem to be a heavily regulated industry. However, when you make an arrangement with a Franchisor like PANIQ ROOM, you gain an experienced and financially solid partner. Please note, that PANIQ ROOM was one of the first official escape room franchises in the US, and currently we have the most legal franchise partners in the country.

13th Hour's Award Winning Escape Rooms feature 8 rooms to choose from. You'll have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room. When the Haunted Houses are open, starting with the 6 pm time slot, there will be live actors in the escape rooms providing a 'one of a kind' experience. (The Gate and Wizard of Oz do not have actors.)

Booby Trap Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells offers a fun and interactive critical thinking adventure for you and your friends or family! Your group will be left in an escape room for 60 minutes with nothing but teamwork skills and brain power to help you complete your fully-themed mission! Booby Trap Escape Rooms provides a fully-immersive-experience with high tech features to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your game. If you arrive after the start time and are the only ones booked in the room you will be able to play the remainder of the time booked. If there are other players, you will not be able to join once they have started.

Based on customer experiences and feedback we are able to rate the rooms with the following difficulty levels: Pharaoh's Revenge: Easy, Slime Lab: Easy, Inventor's Workshop: Medium, Mayday: Medium, Singularity: Hard, Cell Block E: Hard.

The price of our escape rooms depends on several factors including how many people are on your team and when you buy your tickets. Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to get eggclusive discounts!

Escape rooms comes in all different shapes and sizes. Our smallest game can only fit about 6 comfortably, but our largest game can hold as many as 10. That said, all games require a minimum of 2 players.

Notorious serial killer, Eugene Todd, has returned with new twisted challenges for his unsuspecting victims. Lured to his killing room, you are trapped and forced to take part in his sinister mind games. Solve the riddles to earn your freedom or fail and become part of his monstrous collection.

We do not allow any cell phones, lighting, or video recording of any kind while inside our escape rooms. Lockers are provided to store and keep your belongings safe while experiencing the Dread Hollow Escape Rooms.

Sometimes items you might already have in class (or can borrow from a fellow teacher) can become awesome parts of an Escape Room experience. Magnets can be great for retrieving keys or other important items from narrow spots in your room where fingers can not reach them!

Regular Factory: Escape RoomYou don't work in a regular assembly line. In this escape room, you will investigate what is really being manufactured in a secret factory, explore mysterious places and solve puzzles. Will you discover the truth?

Between Time: Escape RoomYou are going to steal a time machine. In this escape room, you have to travel through time, explore mysterious places and solve puzzles to get priceless treasures. Will you be able to make it back alive?

Palindrome Syndrome: Escape RoomYou wake up in a spaceship with no memories. In this escape room with a sci-fi setting, you will have to investigate your past by solving different puzzles. Will you be able to discover what happened to you and how did you get there? 041b061a72


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