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Goldbaby The Tape 909 Sample Pack Wav 101

Finally, we took our second 909 and ran it through an SSL 4000, going crazy with EQ, filtering, compression and gating, recording the results to tape. Once on tape, we played back the tape at different speeds to achieve new analog tunings of the 909 previously never heard. The idea of this second batch of samples is to provide a really diverse, somewhat random "Various" folder for every drum voice.

Goldbaby The Tape 909 Sample Pack Wav 101

A big part of the 60's vibe is found when overdriving the input converter to taste, which, on the right drums, sounds really warm and gives you loudness, more sustain and a lower noise floor. The 808 kicks, for instance, sounded great clipping the attack. You can also take a funk snare and harden it into a 90s hip hop sample like no compressor or plugin can. But we also took care to *not* clip a lot of sounds, as many of the MPC60 packs out there seem to only have clipped sounds, which gets tiring quickly.

There are a couple pieces of studio gear that are majorly featured on this sample pack. First, the Reddi Tube DI - which is one of the warmest and deepest sounding DIs I've ever heard (it seems to add a lower octave of bass). Coupled with the inherent warmth of the MPC60, this gave us extremely warm low end, especially on kicks, and a more finished tone overall.

The final two pieces of gear that imparted a major tone on this pack were the API 560 EQ and SSL expander / gate. While many of the drum machine hits were not EQ'd, the vinyl was processed quite heavily. The API was used for adding presence and air (think Questlove's rim shot) while the SSL was used after tape to add attack and control the tails of vinyl drum hits, effectively making them punchier and closer to drum machine samples.

Designed by acclaimed producer and sound designer Goldbaby, the sounds in this set have been meticulously sampled at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution and were edited and post-processed using analog open-reel and cassette tape machines for maximum saturated aural cholesterol.

The Notion Mandolin expansion pack was recorded by Brad Newell and includes sample variations for open strings, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and left-hand and right-hand fingering control; up and down stroke variations; and the following playing techniques: picked, hammer-on, pull-off, palm muted, left hand mute, tremolo, tremolo muted.

From wild to wilder, these 16 sound FX are the perfect filler for those spots in your projects that just need a little something. You get lots of warbly tape sounds, broken pitch-shifters, modulation effects, and sample-and-hold noises, as well as sounds that must be heard to be imagined.

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