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Temtem Patch 1.3.1 Brings New Features and Fixes

Temtem Patch 1.3.1 Brings New Features and Fixes

Temtem, the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game, has released a new patch that introduces some new features and fixes some issues. The patch 1.3.1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS.

Temtem Patch

One of the main features of the patch is the addition of a new game mode called Showdown. Showdown is a competitive mode where players can create their own teams of Temtem and battle against other players in ranked matches. Showdown has its own rules and rewards, and players can earn Kudos, a new currency that can be used to buy exclusive items in the Showdown Shop.

Another feature of the patch is the improvement of the Tamer Pass experience gain. Battles against NPC Tamers will now give Tamer Pass experience based on their level and difficulty, and completing quests will also grant Tamer Pass experience. The Tamer Pass is a system that allows players to unlock cosmetic items and other rewards as they level up.

The patch also fixes some bugs and glitches that were affecting the game, such as Temtem disappearing from the Tempedia, incorrect animations for some techniques, and crashes in some areas. The patch also balances some Temtem and techniques, such as reducing the stamina cost of Soil Steam and removing Depress from Nidrasil's move pool.

Temtem is a game that lets players explore a colorful world full of different creatures called Temtem. Players can capture, train, and battle with their Temtem, as well as interact with other players online. The game is inspired by classic games like PokÃmon, but also adds its own twists and features.

Temtem is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS. The game is still in development, and the developers plan to add more content and features in the future, such as new islands, Temtem, quests, and game modes.

One of the new features of the patch is the Challenge Mode, which allows players to test their skills and strategies in different scenarios. There are three types of Challenge Modes: Survival, Time Attack and Draft. Survival mode challenges players to defeat as many opponents as possible with a limited number of Temtem and items. Time Attack mode challenges players to defeat a set of opponents as fast as possible. Draft mode challenges players to create a team of Temtem from a random pool and battle against other players.

Another new feature of the patch is the Kisiwa Dojo Wars, which is a new location where players can participate in Dojo battles. Dojo battles are team-based matches where players can join one of the four Kisiwa clans and fight for control of the Dojo. The clan that controls the Dojo will receive bonuses and rewards, such as increased Kudos gain and access to exclusive items. The Dojo Wars will last for a week, and the clan with the most points at the end will be declared the winner.

The patch also adds some new cosmetic items and emotes for players to customize their appearance and express themselves. Some of the new items include hats, glasses, backpacks, masks, and outfits. Some of the new emotes include dances, poses, gestures, and reactions. Players can obtain these items and emotes by leveling up their Tamer Pass, buying them with Kudos or Pansuns, or finding them in chests and quests. e0e6b7cb5c


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