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Can You Buy Guns Online Without A Background Check !!TOP!!

If the seller is an FFL, or if the winner of the auction lives in a different state (this applies whether the seller is a licensed dealer or a private one), the gun must be received at an FFL, where the buyer will go through a background check before taking it home. But if a private party sells a gun on an auction site to a buyer in the same state, they can sometimes ship it directly to the purchaser without performing a background check. The United States Postal Service will mail rifles and shotguns (but not handguns) between individuals inside state lines, so long as the shipper certifies the guns are unloaded. FedEx and UPS both prohibit the shipping of guns between individuals.

can you buy guns online without a background check


Here a second caveat comes in: Such sales can only occur in one of the 32 states where gun transfers between unlicensed individuals are not subject to a background check. The remaining 18 states and the District of Columbia place restrictions on private gun sales, and must have an FFL run a background check before a transfer is completed.

Conley is not the only killer to have arranged a gun sale online when they should have been banned from buying any guns at all. In 2012, a Wisconsin man named Radcliffe Haughton bought a pistol on Armslist even though he was subject to a restraining order barring him from such a purchase. The day after he bought the gun, he used it to kill his wife and several of her coworkers.

Correction January 8: An earlier version of this article misstated the number of gun sales background checks have blocked since 1998. That number is more than 2.5 million, not 1.2 million.

The staggering number of ads for firearm sales that would not require a background check has remained steady over the past few years. Indeed, there have been more than one million of these ads each year in the period from 2018 through 2020. Consistent with the overall surge in gun sales across the country during 2020, ads by unlicensed sellers offering firearms for sale on Armslist surged from 2018 to 2020, with the largest increases in Arizona (120 percent), Alaska (98 percent), and Utah (60 percent).

The prohibited individuals looking to buy guns online had criminal histories that included convictions for violent felonies, domestic abuse misdemeanors, drug abuse, and active domestic violence restraining orders.9Using a variety of public records databases, investigators reviewed the criminal histories of each of these prospective buyers. Investigators conducted searches of publicly available court records in jurisdictions that contained current or past addresses associated with each prospective buyer and reviewed their criminal histories using identifiers such as name, address, and birthdate to match criminal records with prospective buyers. Investigators then analyzed their age and criminal histories to determine whether the prospective buyers were prohibited from purchasing firearms under federal or state law. In the course of this investigation, investigators initiated contact with law enforcement in certain instances that involved a potential imminent threat or other ongoing or recent contact with the criminal justice system. In addition, there were youth under the age of 18 who were illegally attempting to purchase handguns.10A total of 11 percent of the sample were prohibited due to criminal history or the federal age prohibitor. An additional 4 percent of the overall sample were found to be between 18 and 21 and were likely prohibited under state law from purchasing the firearm but not included in the 1 in 9 tabulation. The results of this investigation likely understate the problem, because investigators did not have access to records related to some non-criminal prohibiting criteria, such as involuntary commitment to a mental institution.

In communications with 150 unlicensed sellers in these seven states, investigators expressed interest in purchasing the advertised firearm and asked the seller to explain the process for completing a sale, including whether the sale would have to be completed by a licensed firearms dealer or otherwise require a background check.11If asked, investigators responded truthfully that they were not prohibited from purchasing firearms and would pass a background check if it were required. In states that require background checks on all gun sales, on average, 84 percent of sellers stated that the buyer would need to pass a background check before the gun was transferred. But in states without these laws, only 6 percent of unlicensed sellers indicated a background check would be required to complete the sale. The lack of a federal law requiring unlicensed sellers to screen prospective gun purchasers to ensure that they can legally possess a firearm makes it easy for prohibited individuals to acquire firearms through the online firearm marketplace.

There is a clear and present danger in the online firearm marketplace, and the only responsible answer is to require background checks on all gun sales in order to block purchases to people with dangerous histories. Elected officials need to update federal and state laws to require background checks on all gun sales, closing the deadly online sales loophole.

The internet has made it increasingly easy for dangerous people to take advantage of the private sale loophole by arranging gun sales with unlicensed sellers in online chatrooms, social media sites, auctions, and classified ad platforms. Predictably, the online market has become an attractive source of weapons for people who could not pass a background check at a gun store.

Federal law does provide some important, straightforward limitations on the sale or transfer of guns across state lines, making it more difficult for a prohibited person in a state with strong guns laws to buy guns online from sellers in states with weaker gun laws. Importantly, federal law generally requires people to conduct interstate gun sales or transfers through licensed gun dealers, who are required to conduct background checks and maintain a record of the sale.

As discussed below, these limitations, along with federal and state background check laws, also govern whether gun sales ordered or arranged online are subject to background checks, sale records, and other requirements.

Under federal law, anyone who does not have a federal gun dealer license, or other Federal Firearms License (FFL), is generally prohibited from acquiring a handgun directly from a seller or transferor who resides in a different state.3 This means that people generally cannot obtain handguns out of state and then transport them into their state of residence, and cannot otherwise receive a handgun from an out-of-state seller or transferor without the assistance of a licensed dealer in their home state.

However, federal law does not extend these requirements to unlicensed sellers. This means that a person can acquire a gun online from an unlicensed seller who resides in the same state without any background check or sale record required, unless the buyer and seller reside in a state that has closed this dangerous loophole by requiring background checks on all gun sales. In some cases, the buyer could have the gun mailed directly to his or her door. (The US Postal Service, for instance, will mail unloaded long guns between individuals who are mailing the guns within the same state).12

Twenty-one states and Washington DC have at least partially closed the background check loophole, meaning that residents of these states are required to pass a background check and/or obtain a permit in order to buy at least some types of guns from unlicensed sellers, including people arranging gun sales online. These laws are discussed more fully in our page on Universal Background Checks.

Alternatively, gun buyers should be required to physically appear in person to buy a firearm and to present a firearm purchase permit that was issued by law enforcement, pursuant to a background check.

"The problem is some gun sellers have been operating under a different set of rules," he said Jan. 5. "A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the Internet with no background check, no questions asked."

Federal law prohibits felons from purchasing or receiving guns unless their rights have been formally restored. However, felons can get around this obstacle by buying guns from sellers who do not require criminal background checks.

"Violent felons aren't allowed to buy guns, period," said Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California Los Angeles. "But they can take advantage of the loophole in federal law that allows gun sales, including some gun sales over the Internet, to purchase from non-licensed sellers, who don't have to conduct a background check."

First, private sales, online or otherwise, cannot take place across state lines, so the buyer and seller must be in the same state. And there are many restrictions on shipping guns, so the actual transfer of the gun is likely to take place in person.

There is a sizeable online market for private, background check-free gun sales, according to a 2013 study by Third Way, a center-left think tank. Focusing on the website, a sort of Craigslist for firearms and accessories, in 10 states, Third Way found 2,000 ads from individuals looking to purchase guns from private sellers specifically.

"Since our goal is to keep guns from the hands of criminals, it doesn't make sense that if you go to a store to buy a gun you have to go through a background check," Donohue said, "But if you buy the exact same gun on the Internet from a private seller, you don't have to go through a background check."

The kind of transaction Obama described is possible, though illegal, and more complicated than his comment suggests. Federal law prohibits felons from buying guns. But with some effort, they can purchase guns from private sellers over the Internet without getting caught, because private sellers are not required to run background checks. That seller would have to be in the same state as the buyer. 041b061a72


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