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When you have confirmed that SWAT is installed, it is necessary to validatethat the installation includes the binary swat file as wellas all the supporting text and Web files. A number of operating system distributionsin the past have failed to include the necessary support files, even though theswat binary executable file was installed.


This list shows that there is a control file for xinetd, the internetworksuper-daemon that is installed on this server. The location of the SWAT binary file is/usr/sbin/swat, and the support files for it are located under thedirectory /usr/share/samba/swat.

Both of the previous examples assume that the swat binary has beenlocated in the /usr/sbin directory. In addition to the above,SWAT will use a directory access point from which it will load its Help filesas well as other control information. The default location for this on most Linuxsystems is in the directory /usr/share/samba/swat. The defaultlocation using Samba defaults will be /usr/local/samba/swat. 041b061a72


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