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Flick (4).mp4

Q2: Hey all, Windows 7 had a built in DVD maker that was very helpful in burning video (.mp4) files to DVD, but the program is not supported in Windows 10. DVD burned from the media player app cannot be played on normal DVD players. So do I need software that can properly burn video files to disk? If so, any recommendation here?

flick (4).mp4


After doing some reading, I learned that these .mp4 files will take even more space on DVD (playable on DVD-player), if I don't want to compromise on quality. How can I know in advance how much each of these files would take on DVD so that I can plan accordingly (like what files should be grouped up etc)?

There are plenty of other ways to quickly burn the .mp4 file to the DVD. Below is one of our favorite methods for doing so, whether you're a tech-savvy user or just a beginner. The processes described here also applies to other video formats.

Boogerman has a mucous meter and a gas meter for managing his special attacks. He flicks boogers as a short-range projectile attack with , which expends the mucous meter. This attack can also be done while jumping or ducking. If Boogerman finds a milk item, his booger attacks are upgraded to loogies, which travel the full length of the screen. This effect lasts until he takes damage.

@DaruniaJones88 Right?! That's downright archaic. It reminds me of when I used to make a video store run to rent the newest "action flick" as a kid. That action flick didn't get watched until late at night when everyone else was in bed. I've earned the right to just do it the easy way. Or take my wife out on a date ?

Green flicker always used to be associated with codecs, until GPUs decided to start messing up video. It might contain a codec that AE cannot access, I know GoPro released a codec for their recordings. If the video plays fine outside of After Effects, take a look at converting the video using either AME, Handbrake or VLC and see if that works. 041b061a72


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