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Taxi 4 (2007)

Taxi 4 (stylized on-screen as T4Xi; French: Taxi Quatre) is a 2007 French action comedy film directed by Gérard Krawczyk and the fourth installment of the Taxi film series. It is a sequel to Taxi 3 and followed by Taxi 5. As with all the other films in the franchise Gallic Taxi, Samy Naceri plays taxi driver "Daniel Morales", this time in a Peugeot 407, unlike the 406 in the previous films. Frédéric Diefenthal is "Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec", whilst Jean-Christophe Bouvet reprises his role as "General Bertineau" yet again.

Taxi 4 (2007)

After these events, he is fired, but luckily for him, his friend Daniel (Samy Naceri) helps him one more time by telling him the location where the criminal is located, having been the taxi driver who drove him after he left the police station, not knowing he was a criminal. With Daniel's skills and his new Peugeot 407, Émillen seeks to capture the criminal to restore his job back.[3]

The original poster features the titular taxi flying into a football stadium, so like with the other sequels, I expected that to not happen until the last 20minutes... nope... it happens in the first 10, and then we're off on a completely unrelated plot about a dastardly villain from Belgium - so the series continues it's trend of "no French villains".

Taxi 4 (also stylized as T4xi) is the 2007 French action-comedy that is the fourth installment in the Taxi film series. Emilien (Frédéric Diefenthal), the clumsy police inspector and Daniel the taxi-driver team up once again. This time to recapture wanted Belgian criminal Fénimore (Jean-Luc Couchard) who escaped after fooling Emilien. Like the previous films, Taxi 4 was written by Luc Besson (Léon).

In the 4th movie, we return to the streets of France and witness all kinds of adventures. Although the last of the taxi series is a bit low compared to the others, it manages to offer a level of viewing pleasure that will satisfy the fans of the movie.

The quick taxi driver Daniel has to help his buddy, police officer Emilien, once again. However, when his office, led by the not too bright Commissioner Gilbert, has to detain a Belgian criminal, he manages to escape. Daniel and Emilien have to find him while the Belgian gang is already busy with another master bust.

Me ook eens aan deel 4 gewaagd en hij keek wel vlot weg. Het taxi-gedeelte zelf kwam eigenlijk niet zo veel aan bod, vooral in het begin en dan halfweg nog wat en dat was het een beetje. Verder kwam haast de volledige cast weer terug uit de vorige delen. Ook de typische humor is terug en het einde was over the top.Geen must-see, maar toch nog een leuk deel. Het is wel niet echt een film die me zal bijblijven, daarvoor is de film niet speciaal genoeg, er zaten niet echt hoogtepunten in deze film.

I also ventured to part 4 and he looked away quickly. The taxi part itself wasn't really discussed that much, especially in the beginning and then halfway through and that was it for a bit. Furthermore, almost the entire cast returned from the previous parts. The typical humor is also back and the ending was over the top.

Toevallig deze gisteren op televisie meegepakt. De eerste drie delen zag ik jaren geleden al eens en die waren best vermakelijk, al was deel drie wel duidelijk de minste.Dit vierde deel voelt een beetje als mosterd na de maaltijd. Het is allemaal een stuk flauwer en daarom ook minder leuk. Daniel rijdt deze keer ook niet zoveel in zijn taxi en er zitten maar weinig echte goede actiemomenten in.Jammer, maar op zich ook wel te verwachten.2,0*

This fourth part feels a bit like mustard after the meal. It's all a lot bland and therefore less fun. Daniel doesn't drive much in his taxi this time either and there are few really good action moments in it.

In fact, business was so brisk that Daniel couldn't find a taxi back to the main town of Osh, just 6 miles away. "All the taxis were devoted to shuttling people between the border and the market," he says. "I had to catch three different rides to get back. It took me an hour, and I was late for a meeting."

By this order, we propose to revoke the Canadian charter air taxi authority, issued pursuant to 14 CFR Part 294, of Flight-Ops International, Inc., d/b/a SkyXpress Airline (Flight-Ops) on the basis that the carrier no longer holds effective Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety authority... 041b061a72


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