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Radio Raheem Rings Buy

Radio Raheem is among the wide range of characters that make up the film's Brooklyn neighborhood. Raheem brings his boombox everywhere he goes, playing the song "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy, which also appears in the film's opening scene.

radio raheem rings buy

is first shown when he starts loudly playing "Fight the Power" from his boom box near Punchy, Cee, Ahmad and Ella. He gets respected by them, and says "peace, y'all." He then waves at Senor Love Daddy in his radio station.

Radio Raheem gets to speak his piece about love vs. hate early in Do the Right Thing. As we follow Mookie (Lee) on a pizza delivery, he happens to cross paths with Radio Raheem, who is on the way to Mookie's workplace, Sal's Pizzeria, to grab a slice. As the two men prepare to part, Mookie notices Radio Raheem's "Love" and "Hate" rings. With a masterful bit of camerawork, our point-of-view swings around from third-person to second-person and regard Radio Raheem through Mookie's eyes. Radio Raheem then tells us about the story of Right Hand vs. Left Hand, love vs. hate:

Director Lee paid tribute to his fellow Morehouse College alum in multiple Instagram posts, including one that alluded to the Public Enemy song that Raheem's radio is always blasting on the streets of Bed-Stuy during the movie.

Nunn's first feature film was in 1988's School Daze alongside Lee, who would next direct the actor as Radio Raheem in Do the Right Thing. The character's name stems from his signature boombox, and perhaps his most notable moment comes when he explains the origins of his "Love" and "Hate" rings. 041b061a72


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